Who we are

DESINFECT70 is a joint venture between BO Motor Oil and Van Ham Tenten & Podia.

BO Motor Oil
As a developer and producer of cleaning and cleaning products for the professional industry, BO Motor Oil has years of experience in supplying professional hygiene cleaning products for hands and products.

Van Ham Tents & Stages
As one of the largest suppliers in the Netherlands, Van Ham organizes more than 850 festivals in the Netherlands. Owner Martijn van den Broek is not only a 'festival entrepreneur', but is also a pharmaceutical specialist and has extensive experience as a food technologist.

Because of the Corona virus

Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, the demand for professional and effective sprays for the hygienic cleaning of, among others, hands has increased enormously. A question that BO Motor Oil as a developer and producer cannot (yet) independently meet, due to a lack of physical space and manpower. Van Ham Tenten & Podia has the physical space and the manpower. This, in combination with Martijn's experience in the food and pharmaceutical industry, completes the circle.

We are therefore proud and happy with this joint venture, which has made it possible to start a new production line especially for DESINFECT70.


Safety and hygiene are important topics. Both for BO Motor Oil and for Van Ham Tenten & Podia, but not only in the 'Corona era'. By entering into a partnership, we are able to help more companies and people in ensuring hygiene and safety.